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Definition of Envisage

to contemplate or conceive of as a possibility or a desirable future event.

What is the difference between envisage and envision?

Both words are very similar in meaning but do have slight shades of difference. If you envision something happening, you can see it happening in your mind. If you can envisage something, you can imagine it, but not necessarily see it. 

The Envisage Team

Based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, the founders of Envisage LLC watched as the pandemic closed down the restaurants, casinos, and even the entertainment attractions for which the city is commonly known. Many people who depended on the consistency of Vegas tourism, found themselves jobless and at home without income.

The result? An immediate need for people to create alternate ways to make a living. In the new remote environment, the launch of online businesses soared and so did the desire for people to have more control over their financial stability.

The founders of Envisage saw an opportunity to assist those who had ideas, dreams, and passions but lacked the experience or time to launch their businesses appropriately. The entire team has over 40 years combined of business management, finance, real estate, sales, human resource management, training, graphic design, and digital marketing experience. A small group of trusted advisors; ready to assist you with forming your business or non-profit, developing your brand identity, creating your website, and marketing to your niche clientele.

Envisage LLC is your Small Business Startup Solution!