Traditional & Digital Marketing

Envisage LLC can assist you with getting your business to a new audience through both traditional and digital marketing. Traditional Marketing uses magazines, newspapers, business cards, and flyers to tell newcomers about your business. Digital Marketing uses platforms like social media, websites, and blogs to convey your brand story.

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Traditional Marketing

While some may argue that traditional marketing costs more and is harder to scale to the entirety of your audience, we still the value in having a combined strategy to push your brand. From branded merchandise to brochures, we can help!

Here are examples of some of the traditional marketing projects we have done recently:

Digital or Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Digital marketing, or more commonly referred to as Social Media Marketing is a purely online method of targeting customers. It includes paid social media ads, email marketing, and pay-per-click advertising. Due to the ever-growing power of the internet and online shopping, it is imperative that your business develop a strategy for reaching users on the web.

Here is an example of a digital marketing project we completed recently: